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Have you ever thought about the fact that your time is actually worth money? Even if you work a corporate job or maybe you’re a business owner but regardless of where you stand with your job situation, your time is worth money. Now that line just gets thrown around a lot and nobody seems to know what that really means. So let me break it down for you. Every single hour you spend is value. It’s value that you’re giving to a person, it’s value you’re giving to an object, an activity and you have to decide what is your value worth. So what does that really mean? How much are you really worth an hour? Now this is very different than what your company might define your value as. What we define our value as is very very different than what corporations define our value as. So somebody might tell you okay great you are fourteen dollars an hour or you’re worth twenty dollars an hour or five dollars an hour or ten dollars an hour but that’s not what true value really means. True value is when you look in the mirror and you think about all your strengths and weaknesses and you think about how you are to your community and a lot of times that value is astronomically higher than what you’re actually paid and I’m willing to bet and you know who you are you know where you can look in yourself and you can say you know what I I’m worth a hundred dollars an hour, maybe hundred fifty an hour, maybe two hundred and fifty dollars an hour. Even though I’m getting paid fifteen dollars an hour, thirty dollars an hour, ten dollars an hour. So how do you respect your worth? How do you act like you are worth that amount of money and are you really wasting money by wasting your time. So say for example for the sake of math you are worth a hundred dollars an hour and say during your day you wake up maybe you laze around you don’t get up as quickly. Maybe you get on your phone on Facebook, on Twitter, on Tic Tok. I mean you could really get lost on Tic Tok right and you spent hours and hours of your day maybe watching tv or playing playing video games and not really being productive with your time. So say for example you spend five hours of your day where you’re not really being productive, you’re not really doing anything, you’re spending your time just on the internet or spending time with people that you really shouldn’t be spending time with. Whatever the case is five hours in a day means that you’re wasting five hundred dollars a day, if you are worth a hundred dollars an hour. Now what does that mean for your week? It means that in your week you have now just wasted three thousand five hundred dollars in your week. What does that mean for the year? Fifty two weeks are in a year, so three thousand five hundred dollars equals to a hundred and eighty two thousand dollars. Now that’s money right there. hat’s money that isn’t going in your pocket. That’s money that you’re not utilizing that you could be spending time on learning a new skill, building a business, being productive, being surrounded by the right people, doing the right things for yourself. Are you doing that for yourself or are you wasting time? Is your time worth money and if so how much?