What’s up CorrNation, welcome to the Coin for Thought Podcast!

I’m your host, Nicky Correa and I’m the CEO of CorrWealth Management, a firm designed to support individuals going through divorce and separation.

I’ve been wanting to launch this podcast for a couple of years now and I just never got around to it.

Between starting my own firm, moving homes and managing my mum’s divorce, this podcast, along with some of my most brilliant business ideas, got benched.

But day after day after day, I’d sit in my office and answer the same question to a different face.

They were simple ones, complicated ones and common-sense ones.

The repetition of this caused me pose a question so simple and yet so powerful.

With pretty much half the marriages in Canada ending in divorce, how were we so comfortable tying ourselves in a knot we had no idea how to get out of?

There are a million reasons why a marriage doesn’t work out and no two divorces are the same and while so many of us share similar stories, it is the differences that we naturally gravitate towards and focus on.

Our focus produces our reality, whether it be positive or negative and I honestly believe that your mind is powerful enough for you to be able to manifest your thoughts.

My very Catholic parents who were raised in traditional Indian homes always shook their head when they heard about people splitting up.

Once my father asked rhetorically why people even bothered to get married if they were just going to end up divorced.

Yeah, I don’t think it really works that way but while that question is so incredibly ignorant, there’s more people than I can even count that ask the same one.

My mum left my dad in the summer of 2019 and while it was the best move she had every made for herself, it was the worst time of her life, for them both.

They are both so different and they both struggled through this transition in different ways.

She was like that deer in headlights.

She was like the deer that ran away.

She had no idea what she was doing or where she was going but after 33 years of being miserable, she was gone in a poof!

And while my mum would never swear, her attitude was like ‘Peace out Motherfuckers! I’m out”. And just like that she fucked off.

Have you ever wanted out of a situation so bad and yet felt too exhausted to actually end it properly?

On a random Tuesday in June of 2019, she left her old life and showed up on my doorstep to start a new one.

Before I got into this work, I actually had over 10 years of business experience and that world was so different.

I mean, you deal with a lot of ups and downs but for the most part, you spend a lot of your time with people that are so incredibly passionate and happy with what they have designed.

It might not be perfect, but it’s theirs.

Divorce becomes this cold, damp, lonely, icky space filled with a lot of hurt, anger, regret.

It’s a jumble of emotions you can articulate and ones that downright scare you.

Servicing this world was completely different.

Because adding efficiency to someone’s dream was completely different than yanking someone out of a nightmare and helping them develop one.

Being in the business world for so long made me realize how important it was for people going through this madness needed to be the CEO of their own lives first.

People ask me all the time what it was like working with my mum and in all honesty, she was my toughest client.

I thought that doing this professionally would result in all of this being a cake walk.

Obviously, I would take over, teach mum how to interview lawyers, complete her financial disclosure and help her navigating her way through the endless communication with her lawyer.

But I did not anticipate the consequences I would face being stuck in the middle and taking her side.

I claimed to be ready for a wrath I didn’t understand.

I really want my podcast to be more of an explorative space.

You’re going to hear from individuals who went through their own divorces as well as from professionals who work with individuals either directly or indirectly sharing their tips, tricks and insights.

No two divorces are the same and while the system has some pretty cookie-cutter rules, we’re humans after all and a lot of times, these rules just don’t fit.

We’re going to explore the things we do know but also the things we don’t because having a lot of these discussions is important.

And last but not least, embedded in between stories and interviews, you are going to hear from me.

I truly have no interest in putting myself on a pedestal and just as clients walk away with takeaways from me, I’ve learned something from each and every one of them.

I really want to be able to share my story and with a lot of persuasion I’ve been pushing mum to share hers even though I know she’s not ready.

Her story is so integrated into mine and she’s one of the most private people I know.

Which means that through a lot of this, she suffers in silence like so many people out there and I hate that.

And even though the divorce rate is so high, this transition is so incredibly lonely.

Which is why I want to break the stigma, have these tough conversations, and share these stories.

So you’ll see her plop in and out sharing her bits and pieces because she loves me, more than she loves herself and her own privacy.

She does it because she’s grateful and I’m annoying and ask her over and over and she wants to make me happy because she believes in my dream to make this world a less lonely place.

I’m so excited for you to be here.

I hope the stories and education we pass on resonates with you.

And even if you’re able to take away one little, tiny thing to make your life better, everything I do here is worth it.

Thank you so much for listening! Know that I’m rooting for you success! See ya soon!