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CorrWealth is here to guide you to a more financially secure way of life, the holistic way.

We focus our tools and resources on cultivating sustainable habits, eliminating unnecessary loss and risk and empowering a growth mindset. While our office is in Oakville, Ontario, we strive to educate and uplift communities around the world


 –  Philosophy

We want to engage with you but we want you to engage with yourself. It’s important that you realize your potential, be willing to put in the work to actualize it so that you can become your own vision of your future. Together, we can craft a more fulfilling tomorrow. 

One by one, we will work together to eliminate the financial stressors in your life. We lead with education and as your partner, we are here to help you understand “the why” of your financial challenges and “the how” when it comes to making an informed decision and fixing it. 

If you’re worried about understanding complex financial concepts, we’re here to make it simple and explain it in plain English for as long as it takes you to understand it. We take pride in the fact that our clients are always in a state of continuous learning. 



It is our mission at CorrWealth Management Inc to empower 1 million families to live lives that are more secure and financially free and we strive to do this by helping them reach their goals and aligning their core values with their wallet.

Our purpose is for you to become a happier and more educated version of yourself. We want your finances to grow with you and support you through life’s transitions. As this world rapidly changes, it is important for us to create flexible structures that support you throughout the course of your life, leaving a legacy behind for the ones you love the most.



We provide you with powerful resources and time-tested strategies so that you regain control over your finances. We’re in it to win it for the long run and we’re here to support you year over year, challenge over challenge helping you import optimized strategies into your daily routine to create a more fulfilling tomorrow.

As these positive changes take effect, you will notice the world around you reflects those changes right back at you.


There is a moment in everyone’s life where they figure out exactly what they are meant to do. The challenge that comes with that moment is enormous, but the only way to get through those challenges is by standing still, being thoughtful and very deliberate about your next right move.
The one thing I pass on to my kids, to my friends, and to the community I serve is that you become what you believe. Every step of your journey in this life is equally as important as your next and your last. This is knowing all the while, that if you falter, you are greater than the sum of that sunken moment.

A little while ago I had to take a pause in my life to recalculate and to craft my next move for the next chapter in my life that aligned with my values. I was at a fork in the road where life was giving me an opportunity to break new ground. So, I left my role as a Director at another firm and launched CorrWealth because I wanted to foster people’s connection to their core self. My last name just worked out for me! But before that, in the crummy “in-between”, I went to a woman who owns a piece of my heart. She is someone I have grown to trust and love and expressed to her that for the very first time, my dreams had a stain of doubt.

“What if I fail?, I said. “But what if you fly?” she replied.
I realized then that it wasn’t enough to have big dreams and that the belief in the reality of those dreams is what makes dreams powerful. I believe in people’s dreams and I have made it my mission to do my very best to help make them happen. We develop a pathway, a GPS so that they can live the life they deserve, moving forward in stride, making a difference.


Every big business starts small and in the many years that I have worked for small business owners, I have learned that it is the artisans in the world that make it so interesting. They bring heart to their craft and put everything on the line to do what they love. They work harder with fewer resources and that in itself drives me to support them in what they do. I help them connect with resources and build strategies in order to make long term growth sustainable. I’m an analytical guy and a natural problem solver. I love creating processes that are seamless and provide a sense of continuity that can only lead to growth.

Good business leaders are able to craft a beautiful vision that they can passionately own and drive relentlessly to completion. I know my clients have so much on their plate already and I love supporting them in a way where they don’t have to worry about their health, staff or their money. This is all so they can slow down, find moments of peace or practise on their craft and do what they love. In business, there are no finish lines, just milestones.


I serve as Nicky’s right hand gal; her strategic partner, trusted confidant and professional problem solver. My professional and personal growth is a direct result of the people I have met and experiences I have gained along the way.

Each and every one of our clients has a beautiful story and I love listening to where their journeys have brought them. We live in such a fast paced world and I make my best efforts to foster peace and compassion in my relationships.

My divorce has taught me how important it is to be my own best friend and how important a positive and peaceful environment is in fostering growth and health. I am extremely proud to be part of the vision of CorrWealth which is to support communities in their quest towards financial independence. Getting divorced was traumatizing and having been through that myself, I value being part of an organization that supports women during a time when they feel the most vulnerable.

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Whether you are making small tweaks to your life or chasing big goals, it is important to have a good support structure. If you are in need of a network of professionals to bounce ideas with or consult on serious and stressful matters, we’re here to provide you with the right direction. 

CorrWealth has created long term partnerships with the largest financial vendors to support our clients for their insurance and investment needs. 

We know that our clients need a more holistic service in order to have a life that is successful in all facets. We’ve taken a more strategic approach to our service by offering our clients a network of:

Lawyers (Business and Personal)

Physical and Mental Health Professionals

Wellness Coaches


Real-Estate Agents

Mortgage Brokers

You needed a multi-dimensional support system. We get it. We implemented it. It’s just that simple!



Become a member of a Financially Fearless Community



Become a member of a Financially Fearless Community


 -  CHAT!


 -  CHAT!


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